Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Macross Afterstory and FailTen Update

Since I got quite a bit of monthly usage left I decided to finish watching Macross. It kind of caught me off guard at first, by episode 24-ish they were already preparing for the final battle with Bodolzaa's Zentradi fleet. Of course at first I thought, "There's still 12-ish episodes left... probably going to be lots of fights". Well to my surprise, the fight was in episode 27, it began and ended in one episode. So by then I was going "... wtf are they going to do with 10-ish episodes now?".

Turns out that Macross not only has the first part which is the conflict between Earth and the Zentradi fleet, but it also had an "afterstory" part to it. As of 27, the Zentradi wtfpwnd the Earth leaving it in ruins and pretty much killing everyone on it. So as of episode 28 and onwards it was all about rebuilding the Earth as well as the lingering conflict between the two races. Zentradi started getting fed up as they had already grown use to the "culture" they so wanted and started raging and causing havoc. Along with Quamzin still hanging around, it was a perfect opportunity to have one last attack on the Macross.

Aside from that it was also an opportunity for them to focus more on the love triangle aspect of Macross, as they had little time to do it in the first part. But by this point I was already rooting for the pairing that is Hikaru and Misa. By 27, Hikaru decided to confess his love to Minmay as well as wish her for her relationship with Kaifun (Who despite being voiced by CAPTAIN BRIGHT NOA, I actually despise due to his childish philosophy of "OMGMILITARYISBADRAGEAGAINSTTHEM!"). He even turned into a violent drunk who is using Minmay's singing as a means to gain profit, which is not Minmay's intention at all.

Within all this mess we have Hikaru still oblivious to the fact that Misa has the hots for him as well as Misa not saying it clearly. That and Hikaru finally reuniting with Minmay which further leads into the mess that is the love triangle. Near the final episodes, things are looking grim for Hikaru and Misa as they both consider leaving the military. For one, it's so she can be away from Hikaru and forget about him, the other because he has no clue what he's doing and Minmay asked him to. Which leads to the climax where Misa confesses to Hikaru infront of Minmay as well as wishing them luck on their relationship (The same thing that Hikaru did with Minmay). But then Quamzin screws around and decides to destroy the Macross. Blah blah blah, crap happens, Hikaru realizes who he actually wants. Blah blah blah, Quamzin kamikaze's into the Macross and dies, blah blah. And then we have Hikaru and Misa finally being together and Minmay going around trying to revive her singing.

Now my two cents on this, I actually like this final pairing despite the differences they have. First of all, Misa is older than Hikaru, by a lot. Enough for Hikaru to have called her an old lady when they first met. Second, Hikaru has been shouting Minmay's name throughout the entire series, going as far as the reason he is still piloting is so he can protect her. But the thing he doesn't realize is while he's doing all this, Misa was always there for him (Well duh she's the operator of the Macross). The interactions between the two were also pretty interesting, they were bickering like a married couple long before they even realized it. Last of all, Hikaru and Minmay live in two completely different worlds, one is in the military, the other is a celebrity. But their final resolve was pretty nice, Hikaru opts to fight to protect culture, while Minmay opts to sing to protect culture, doing the same thing in two completely different worlds.

Yes "My Boyfriend is a Pilot" is really ironic as a title for Minmay's most popular song (In the TV version of Macross).
1. They don't end up together.
2. Minmay never considered Hikaru her boyfriend until it was too late.
3. "My Ex is an Angry Military Hating Childish Drunk"
4. "The Boyfriend who I wanted is Married to a Captain"
5. "He could've been head over heels over his senpai's plane instead of me."
7. The list can go on...

Anyhow enough ranting and on to the second part. If anyone has noticed this post:


Yes, we are getting the loots from pre-patch SI, so yes I will be playing again. Yes I am aware that AGE is a -, but I'll turn a blind eye to that and just continue playing the game that I've already wasted 2 years on. Yes, the patch is today so I'll most likely start playing again tomorrow.

P.S. I have problems, I can recognize the difference between VF-1A, VF-1D, VF-1J, and VF-1S Valkyries, halp. Oh don't worry Mittens, I won't cheat on you with a valkyrie, although it'd be really tempting. Also, I can finally snugglies Mittens ingame again. 8D

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