Saturday, July 10, 2010

Back in Canada Baby~

.....5 days ago, but meh~ I'm lazy. :D
So like, busybusybusy now with work now.
Overall my China trip was fun. :3
But it's waaaaaay too hot over there.

And yay! Finally posted up my random china blog posts. :D
(Gosh I'm lazy~)

Stupid Great Firewall of China. D:
Blocked everything I wanted to go to except for a few sites.
All that lovely Megaten Drama and I wasn't even here for it. QQ

And this fails:

Probably a good thing, would have been banned just cuz Aeria can most likely otherwise. :0

PS: Pissed off at Aeria still~ I asked if someone else could submit my entries for forum events, (Troll Dress-up one, and DB-CM) and they gave me a solution, and then a few days after Troll event dead-line, and a few days before the DB-CM deadline, they can't accept my entries. Makes me go wtfh (what the friggin hell)? They're the ones that came up with the solution, and if they couldn't go through with it, maybe they should have just said so from the start instead of yanking me around. I spent time on the entries and now they tell me they're not even eligible. FU2 Aeria.

Side note:
Oops....I posted too many blog posts, D:

Oh and for the record, I have not quit MT yet. D:
Might though, starting to get really busy with work <3

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  1. Love life?


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