Saturday, July 10, 2010

China Blog Post #2

If there’s one thing I won’t miss about china when I go, it’ll be how every 8-9/10 people smoke. L

Second hand smoke much? Argh, my eyes burn and my nose hurts and I’ve got a headache now. Everyone’s a goddamn chainsmoker.

And wow, I must say (again) that people have got money to burn here. My mom’s friend goes on business trips every couple of months for 15 days and as soon as the business is finished they hit the town. My “uncle” takes out 10k US and goes to the nearest casino. As soon as he blows it all, he leaves. (This is to keep himself from overgambling.) But damn….10k US every 2 month-ish. L Wish I had that kinda money, lmao.

Okay so, the other day my mom was going somewhere with her friend (I decided to …not go) and they got into a fight. Hearing them tell the story was pretty lawlzy so I’m going to share.

So they’re driving up a crowded street past a hospital, and the cars are all lined up, nudging along, when this couple taking this elderly person to the hospital tried to pass the line of cars. It wasn’t possible though because the cars were all tailing each other closely. So what happened was the male started insulting all the drivers they passed while trying to find a path through. They stopped at my mom’s friend’s car and I’m assuming he thought 2 females would be easy to bully because the guy shouted insults and kicked the car. More of a stomp on the car door apparently. Several times, geezus what an asshole, eh? So my mom’s friend rolls down the car window and was like “The hell are you doing, idiot!?” The guy insulted her and tried to smack her through the window, and my mom’s friend went crazy. She slammed the door open and smacked the guy in the face. My mother was holding the purses, so her friend had free hands, and reached down and took off one of her shoes (with wooden heels) and started hitting the guy in the head with the heels. She apparently chased him around the car several times, and when she looked down to pick up her shoe which she threw at him, he disappeared. As for the girl, she went around and tried to get at my mom. But my mom threatened the girl, that if she hit her (my mom), she’ll find some thugs to bash her head in.

My god, what craziness. D:

What’s even more crazy is what my “uncle” said when he heard about it. He was like “If the guy tried that with me, he’d be a cripple now.” D:

When “I” say I’m going to break someone’s face/legs/etc, I don’t actually mean it. D:

But these guys mean it. Jesus.

He also told us a story.

One night after bar hopping, he had to ask a taxi driver to move his car, so he could drive out from his parking spot. He asked the guy politely 3 times if he could please move the vehicle, after the a bit the guy was like “What if I don’t want to move it?” after my “uncle” asked the third time. So my ”uncle” was like “Son of a bitch”, and reached in and dragged the guy half out the window and punched him in the face. L He cut his fist on the taxi driver’s front teeth but at the same time knocked out the top 4 front teeth. Apparently the blood was basically gushing out. My “uncle’s” drinking buddy at the time, was like “Aw, shit.” And paid the taxi driver 1k chinese yuan, and told him to get lost. D: Chinese people are fucking scary.

Anyways, time to sleep. Post later <3

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