Saturday, July 10, 2010

China Blog Post #7


My favourite guy from this random Chinese drama died. QQ

He was soooo cool. D: (To me at least.)

Undercover (inside) cop in this random mafia group for 3 years, and right at the end of his last case, he got outted. :<

/cries. D; He got beat up (they tied him up and hit him with metal pipes. QQ) and thrown into the bay. /sob (They tied one end of the rope to an anchor and tossed that in and tied him up with the other end of the rope. L)

It was so sad cuz he was all like:

“Tell boss (police) that this is my last case. I want to get married. My kid’s 5 years old and has never met me. I want out.”


And and and, when he diiiiiiied, his “older brother” in the mafia thingy (basically the boss in this section of the city or of this group of members) was all like:

-takes out my favourite guy’s wallet and says-

“So this is your wife and kid?” –pats wallet against beated up guy’s face-

“Don’t worry, I’ll be sure to visit them in your place.” –gestures for grunts to toss him-.


My heart is brokenedededed. L

So saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad. :( He was pretty and cute and and and yea… L Almost stopped watching after he died. D; Then I laughed cuz my friend was all like mafia yaoi would be yummy. J Come to think of it, his “older brother” mafia boss was kinda cute too. Kinda had a rough appearance, but his features were sharp. :D ooooo, that would be a nice pairing. :D Yaoi <3

Anyways major boo today though, L

Had a sore throat when I woke up…so not cool. D;


And I have to keep this pill that tastes nasty in my mouth.

Suppose to melt and soothe my throat pain. But its liquorice flavoured and I hate that flavour. D: HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATE.

Oh wellz, not feeling too good today, byebye. :D

PS. I’ll be moving to a place with net (hopefully) on the 1st of June. :D Yayface.

Ohoh, and I don’t remember if I mentioned it but I played a few days of billiards last week. D:

I’m way too tense, and I don’t put enough power into my shots sometimes and my arms straighten out too much but I’m very accurate. D: Which apparently is a bad thing.

My mom’s friend daughter brought me there to play with her boyfriend, and her boyfriend taught me, and he pointed to a spot on the side that I should hit so it would bounce back and hit the ball, (cuz all the balls were pretty blocked off for me, the easy shots at least) but when I hit the spot exactly where he pointed at, it missed the ball by a sliver, and he was like.

D: “You don’t have to be that accurate.”


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