Saturday, July 10, 2010

China Blog Post #1

So, like I thought, the hotel I’m living in doesn’t have internet. Boohoo L

I miss you guys tons. (Miss my TW more though, QQ. Is my baby dead?)

I really should have brought those Dvds I bought just before I left, but I was afraid that the stuff in the suitcases would crush my CDs. Oh well~

(Supernatural <3!!!!)

It’s been pretty fun here overall. First thing I went to after landing in the city was my….. mother’s second?/third? cousin’s son’s wedding….I think. DX

He’s about my age, give or take a few years. (Marrying a bit young D: ) And wow, I keep forgetting that I have a lot of cousins. And they’re all rather friendly. (Only met a few last time, more here this time ‘cuz of the wedding.) And everyone kept asking for photos for “memories” sake. Kinda wanted to tell them to shove it. But I’m far too nice for that. <3

It’s been amusing listening and meeting my mom’s old school/work friends. (Surprisingly they’ve got some interesting occupations. Contractors, TV station vice president?, police officers, Fisherman, etc.)

It’s even more amusing when you hear them make lewd jokes and swear a lot. The insults are amusing. Kinda like “Your mom/dad/grandfather”, and “Son of a bitch”. Then there’s the terms of endearment my mom and her friends totally gushed when they saw each other. “Sweetheart”! “Baby”! I swear I heard them make cracks about being lesbians every now and then.

The other night we had snake for dinner. :< (Freshly killed. Kinda wanted to see how they butchered it, kinda didn’t.) And it’s not very yummy, (too many bones) they had me drink something too….Said it was good for the eyes, and I’m not exactly sure what part of the snake they put in that liquid….It was greenish-blue, and tasted like I drank from an exhaust pipe. Ick.

Then there’s the thingy from the sea they call “Sea intestines” in Chinese. I have no idea what it’s classified under but it looks like a giant earthworm, and you can see its guts squishing around inside the skin. Looked so disgusting, I refused to touch it. (Ew, my friend “Kyle” here just made a really gross joke about how it looks like something else also.)

So lastly, I’m starting to want to go home already, if only because my mom’s been asking her friends to set me up on blind dates. : | Kill me now. And like, money is..not an issue here or something. My mom’s friend just handed me a new outfit (That some famous HK? Movie actor gave her apparently…) worth 5000 chinese yuan….and right now the exchange rate is like… 7 or 6 chinese yuan to 1 dollar.

“You can have this, it looks so cuuuuute on you~” Oh god, dress-up…fuuuuuuuuuuuun. Completely horrible experience really.

I’m so taking the next plane outta here if they try to set me up for real.

Totally dramaful here also. Some friend of my mother’s isn’t taking to another friend cuz something happened (-coughscamcough-) involving a large amount of money (2m in chinese yuan?), and there’s another friend’s daughter who got sick and is in the middle of a fight with her boyfriend, so her mother called to ask the boyfriend to come over and he insulted her and so now there’s a even bigger rift between boyfriend/could-be-in-laws. (He’s from a poor family, she’s from a rich one, her parents don’t approve ‘cuz he’s got no education and from a family that people gossip about.) Crazy stuffs.

So I’m going to go find something to do, and I’ll type something else up later. :D

Ciao~ <3


  1. I'm pretty sure your bases are still intact, compared to mines I doubt you'll lose it overnight

    anywho your family sounds interesting and seem very close compared to mines...but meh whatever anyways glad your doing okay there (I think?) hope to see you back on the west coastish soon

  2. but considering that you've managed to post this now I assume you already are