Saturday, July 10, 2010

China Blog Post #6

So I went on meebo msny thingy the other day at like….1:40am Vancouver time. :D (It was daytime for me…like 4ish.)

Forgot about the time difference. D:

Was all sadface when I saw no one on. D: But that’s ok, I stabbed and kicked people while they were offline/afk. That always makes me feel better. –thumbsup-

Anyways, I got half my wisdom teeth pulled out today, the top and bottom on my right side. L

Chinese dentists don’t like to pull all 4 out at once.

._. So I have to suffer this ache in my jaw a second time in a week’s time. D;

I totally freaked myself out while they were pulling them out. D:

The top teeth didn’t numb properly so it hurt and I felt the bone creak. :/ Freaky shiz. (<3>

I also forgot to save my wisdom teeth, D: Gotta remember to next time.

Oh and some people added me to msn, I really wish they would leave a message or something, cuz I have no idea who they are. D:

I want to go back to Canada, D: /tear

Oh! I tried to log into Aeria’s forum, but it was being retarded and told me that the browser I was using isn’t supported by the site, and I should use a more “popularly” used browser to access their site. :/

That was so uberly gay, since I was using internet explorer.

And and and, I got my nails done. =o It’s pretty cheap when you change the currency back to dollars. :3 It’s all silvery and sparkly and glittery, wheeeee?

D: I have such a bad habit of putting my chin on my hand. (Terrible habit to have when you just pulled out teeth. :/)

Ok, going to go and do something ‘cuz I‘m hella bored. :3

Ciao <3

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