Saturday, July 10, 2010

China Blog Post #4

Grr, I hate tall people… D:<

I like being the tall person. :D

My mom’s friend’s son is like a head taller than me, Think he’s about 25, 3 years older than I am. He was pretty cute too, but details, no one cares about details.
Been drinking every night so far, D: I don’t think I’ll ever be addicted.
Beer is still pretty ugh. Have to drink it to save face though, meh, oh well.
Okay so have you guys been recording FCs for me. D:< class="Apple-style-span" size="x-small">(I want a report on how my baby’s doing.)
And the dura on my stuff better still be good…… D: No dead gear pl0x. D:< class="Apple-style-span" size="x-small"> (When I get back of course.)
So anyways, I seriously influence people in such a bad way. D:
Even my cousins now joke about being gay around me now. D:
YAOI <3 /squeal <3
Side note though, stupid friends that came on this trip with me. D:<
Making lewd gestures and making me laugh at inappropriate times. DX
Stupid friends!
And gosh….I’m just randomly ranting I guess. D:
Miss you guys, but I gotta sleep now. <3
PS. Bump up my threads in the forums please <3

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