Saturday, July 10, 2010

China Blog Post #3

Drinking is so beh. Beer doesn’t taste that bad but it still doesn’t taste all that good either.

And, I think I’ll die from second hand smoke before I get back to Canada. L Mourn me.

Anyways, nothing much to say this time, had a few dinners with my mom’s friends again and wow, some of them got their own drivers. D: Important much?

There was a bit of matchmaking again this time…. Thankfully it got turned to my mom’s friend’s daughter. The one with the stupid retarded boyfriend who insulted my mom’s friend. (The future mother-in-law.) So now there’s an ultimatum, if her daughter chooses the boyfriend, she’s cutting off mother-daughter ties, if she chooses her mother, she has to dump her boyfriend. D: Drama!

Side note, got a whole wardrobe for free again. J I hate clothing shopping. (Manga/Game shopping on the other hand… /impulse buys ‘cuz the cover is cute. <3)

You know what also sucks? Wearing stockings, and what’s worse than wearing stockings? Getting a run in your stocking. L #$@%%!$#@% Oh and I hate skirts and dresses too, always feels like I’m flashing someone when I’m getting out of the car. L

Ooooh! And I wanted to buy one of those TINY TINY TIIIIIINNNNNNNNYYYY adorable turtles, but I couldn’t find any. QQ I would have named it and loved it and taken care of it, and stuffed it in my pocket (or suitcase) to bring back to Canada with me. <3

L Whether it would survive the trip is in question, but I couldn’t bear to leave behind. L

(My friend calls it the “If-I-can’t-have-you-no-one-can” syndrome. Bitch. I am not crazy possessive. D:<) L

Oh and I seriously wonder if my “Not-raised-in-china” vibe is really so prominent? Every now and then some guy STARES. D: It’s kinda unnerving. Maybe I had stuff on my face. L That would be rather embarrassing. Then again I didn’t mind that pet shop boy staring, he was rather cute. –winks- Lawl kidding.

Speaking of cute, do adults really have to do that “Omgurkidizsocuuuuuuuuuuuuuute~” routine? I’m thankful that they didn’t go into cheek pinching but damn, it felt like it was probably a close one. L

Anyways going to go and watch some TV. (Crappy hotel cable.)


PS. You jerkfaces better blog up what the FCs are. :D

Preferably with screenies, and post up what dramas are happening. <3

No net totally sucks. L

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