Saturday, July 10, 2010

China Blog Post #5

I was watching the news last night with my mom and OMG, people are sick sick SICK bastards.

There was this video clip that was put on the internet, some random Chinese site, kinda like YouTube.

It was pretty blurry so at first, so my mom thought they were making the little doggy (It was small, about the size of a baby) smoke a cigarette, I thought that was slightly odd. But as the video continues, you notice the dog wasn’t getting up, (it was kinda just flopped on its side) I thought it was dead but when they lit up the thing in the dog’s mouth, I figured out it was a firecracker. =/

So I thought, ugh, what assholes, and my god, when the dog started whimpering, I started tearing up, but it doesn’t stop there. The two fuckers kept laughing, and stuffing firecrackers in the puppy’s mouth and lighting them up one after another. After the 5th or so one, they picked up a cane or something, and started beating the dog’s body, mainly the head. D; OMG I wanted to (cry, and) find them so I could shove some firecrackers down THEIR throat and see how they like it when it gets lit up. As if that wasn’t enough, one of the guys dropped the stick across the dog’s throat and jumped up and down on it with his full body weight. If he didn’t break the dog’s neck, he crushed the dog’s throat for sure. What fucking assholes. That put me in such a bad mood; D:<>


L So what are you guys up to?

No net definitely sucks.

Side note, I went to a random show with my mom the other night and her friends. And apparently her friends are frequent customers so we got in for free. But the price of the drinks (beer) is like…..double or triple normal price. Well anyways, my mom’s friend is rich so she orders like 2-3 cases of beer, and it’s the smaller bottles, about the size of coke’s old glass bottles, and since my mom’s friends are such loved customers, we got free popcorn and fruit. All sliced and set up prettily.

But what gets me, is that the actors, actresses (maybe a better word would be performers….) can’t accept tips, so what you do is get the servers to give you flower bouquets, and you walk up on stage and hand it to the performers yourself. They’re about 100 chinese yuan each, so like…15 dollars per. My mom’s friends spend about 2000 chinese yuan to 6000 chinese yuan a night, (on flowers and drinks together) they don’t go every night but it’s close enough together for them to get on friendly terms with the performers and the place’s boss. So like, every performer while on stage comes over and shakes hands/ says a few lines to suck up to my mom’s friends, hell they even kiss them sometimes. Cheek or on the mouth. D:

Man those guys take their jobs to the next level. The dancers were pretty (there was 5 drag queens, and one guy that sang in a female voice, and a Micheal Jackson imitator) and some of the songs were pretty nice..but the fact that I was forced up the stage to hand them flowers like…6+ times, made me facepalm hard. I don’t like people in my personal space, and when you give them flowers they hug you and shake your hand and one of them even kissed me. I turned my head so it landed on my cheek. Safe! :D

One performance had the guy dancing on our table, and well, my mom went here with her friends 2 times already (this was my first time) so the performers kept coming over to say hi, and tried several times to include my in their performance. D: I had to share a watermelon slice with one of the actors, and he tried to kiss me also, DX Scary. My mom’s friends invited them out for late dinner afterwards, and they stayed with us and drank with us till daybreak. (5am-6am-ish.)

Adults, D: Why do they like to drink so much. And I found out the two guys that tried to kiss me were like…both 10+ years older than me. DDDDDDDDDDDDD:

Anyways, :D I just saw a card swindler reveal his secrets. :D Gonna practice that and screw with my friends when I get back to Canada. :D

Kaykay, night now. Byyyyyyyyye. <3

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