Monday, July 26, 2010

Pro laptop is pro

So today I went on a wild goose chase to get the laptop I'll be using for university.

This thing is so pro, I can now walk around in Babel Ch1 with max settings with little to no lag on MegaTen. I can also enhance lag-free. Only downside is that I have to switch from my desktop habits to laptop habits, oh well. Although it's honestly a waste to play just MegaTen on this thing, someone recommend me some hax games.

p.s. Also has built-in webcam and mic so... Skype sometime Mittens~ (Although the mic sucks, might get a headset since I don't feel like blasting JP stuff in rez.


  1. hm...that thing is slightly better than mines... well in certain aspects anyways...and what's this I hear about skype?

  2. I'm cool with skype, just tell me when to log on. :3