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Sengoku Basara 2

Yeah, there's really no other way to start this.

Because Sengoku Basara is just that god damn epic, it gets a post of its own for the first episode of the second season. If no one has ever heard of Sengoku Basara, you should, atleast watch the anime. Well, the only Sengoku Basara material I've touched is the first anime and it's epic enough in its own right.

The setting is the Warring States Era in Japan, if no one has heard of that, it's the one with Nobunaga Oda, popular name mayhaps. If you still don't have a clue, think Samurai Warriors. Now for Sengoku Basara, think Samurai Warriors, now with 10x the manly hot-blooded epic, and here we are. The basic premise of this is you have warlords fighting against each other to rule over Japan. Personally, it kinda hurts when I see them fight each other, because they're just all that damn badass and lovable. So the solution to this is that in each anime, they introduce a big bad warlord who has enough power to wipe the floor of these other warlords. For the first season we had Oda Nobunaga. 

Now, before Basara the only thing I know about the Sengoku era is through Samurai Warriors. In Samurai Warriors, Nobunaga was quite a dark guy, wearing dark armour with black feathers and what have you, and a lightsaber... sword thing. But you see in Basara, you have a Nobunaga who exceeds that, just like the SW version, he has a mustache, but silver armour, and a ragged red cape, a sword and a gun/shotgun of sorts. Sure, doesn't appear that much better. But, with the right amount of blood-thirst, badass theme, not giving a damn about anyone or anything, and most of all, VOICED BY WAKAMOTO. You now have a badass villain who hated everyone and almost wrecked everyone in season 1. Anyway, enough with the summary and onward with the screenshots (because I'm too damn lazy to review the actual content of the episode). That and there isn't much to review, the manliness is enough to replace a plot.

Damn right it has.

 It's really hard for me to be a fangirl, but damn Masamune's Engrish makes me squeal like one sometimes. (If you are oblivious to this, this character, Masamune Date, would often like to speak Engrish, and it is damn awsum.)

So have I, so have I...


 Already on the edge of my seat.

Gawd that Engrish~


 Hmm, reused footage, I'll forgive them since it is quite epic. I know, you've never seen a guy dual wield spears, and another guy wielding 6 katanas, overkill.

 They have special effects, they're just that badass...

Masamune doesn't use all 6 of his swords unless he gets serious, so you can tell the amount of respect he has for Yukimura.
Oh look all the small fry playing in the river.

Because you just don't interfere in a duel of manliness. Everyone just stands on the sidelines in awe.


Yes, those are sword slashes obscuring the screen. Think DBZ.

This is already one damn epic party.

WOOOOOOOOOO!!! (Yes, when epic men fight (as manly as these two), there are bound to be explosions)

So manly you get an aura of awesome.

And here we have Takeda Shingen and Uesugi Kenshin going at it again.

Posing just comes naturally when you're this manly.

You serious? You're going to blow up the Earth or something.

Small fry fighting in the backgorund while the two warlords duke it out.

I guess the net force acting on the water is just too epic (Yay phyziks).

Maeda Keiji, running around as usual, with his monkey (Although he's on a horse).

Unfortunately, but I want moooooore.

But the Engrish makes him cool!

Hmm seems like Yukimura isn't up to par.

Finish him! (Apparently Masamune is the only one whose special moves are in English)


 Briefly cut to Sarutobi Sasuke and Kusuga fighting, ninjas for the Takeda Clan and Uesugi Clan, respectively.

Yukimura's having a hard time getting up and Masamune prepares for the finishing blow.


Saved by the entrance of the big bad.

Villain of this season, hope he can fill Nobunaga's shoes.

Oh shi-, surrounded.

(Dear sweet Mittens, this guy is voiced by the same guy who did Athrun, and Yukimura is voiced by Kira. Yukimura is his only cool role.)

Wanna screw him up?

Hell yeah.

Archers ready! 

(Yes, Shingen is STANDING ON TWO HORSES. Although if anyone saw the first season, he ran up a castle wall inclined at 80 degrees or something, while standing, on two horses, with his arms crossed. He is just that badass.)

 Yes those are arrows coming at him. (Insert that one quote from 300 here, don't ask I don't watch movies.)

Of course, puny fodder projectile can not hurt the manly characters.

And the arrows are sent right back, landing various fatalities on the fodder.

Of course, they are too manly to get hit by them, they just stand there.


"You see?"

He's laying on the ground and they don't even graze him.
(I swear, instead of plot armour they have... manly armour or something.)

And he parts the clouds and ange-

Wa- what? You were a whimp/monkey/loser in Samurai Warriors, and you're a hulking giant badass here? (Voiced by Ryotaro Okiayu, awesome)

Yeah, but he didn't beat Nobunaga's entrance.

Nobunaga had THIS in his entrance.
Just look at that screenshot in the video, epic.

Masamune follows the rule of cool.

: |

 One man army, thy name is Masamune Date.

 Oh damn, it's on.

 I'm assuming that he's referring to Nobunaga and his lackeys.

 Let the man do his thing.

 Would definately be a shame, but they're just too manly to die.

 Take note, one sword only.

 Holy crap Hideyoshi's huge. 
(The only other person that beats him is probably Tadakatsu Honda, but in this series they made him a robot, hence Mobile Suit Hondam)

 Katakura's opening stance, so awesome.

 Pretty boy with the elegant swordplay

 In manly anime like this, you just HAVE to call out your attacks.

 What? No way!

 (Probably the only proper English line, can't really mess it up.)

 If you can't see from this screenshot, yes those are EXHAUST PIPES sticking out of Masamune's horse. It's also got motorcycle handles. (Yeah I know, they have quite some epic mounts. But then again, Masamune's army is like a biker bang anyways.)


 Those three return, with some shocking news. Yes, he's friends with the enemy.

And Keiji goes his separate ways since he can't accept their ally.
(It was a long scene but it was a mellow one after the epic manliness of the first half.)

Hideyoshi spies? =o

I am disappointed Yukimura.


 Shingen beats the crap out of Yukimura for saying stupid things.
(Yes he just punched his bandages off.)


Sends him flying.

After a nice beating he sits down for a lecture.
(Don't worry, the beatings are normal, one of the things that makes Basara hilarious.)

Guess he still didn't get it.

Around and around...
And within a split second, he's back.
(Holy crap he's fast.)
Eventually he finally understands and...

Yukimura! (1)
Oyakata-sama! (1)

Man I love those two.
(Yes wittle Mittens, this is what I meant by "manly affection" shame on you if you think dirty.)

(Engrish again. I guess his debriefing is a lot less insane than Yukimura's.)

See, biker gang. Wtf is a guy doing with a mohawk like 500 years ago? And that guy with the... 80's hairdo or something.

Masamune arrives at the same conclusion as Shingen.

First thing tomorrow, we'll find out who the spy is.
"Oh shi-"

Creeper guy from before sneaks into Masamune's territory.

GTFO I wanted some alone time, creep.
Well guess we found the spy.

You traitor!

Cliché (The Toyotomi Clan love to surround people or something.)

Hell no.

And that concludes the first episode of the new season. Frankly I waited a bit to watch this seeing as there were no good fansub groups, but in the end I had to pick it up from some random group, didn't turn out too bad. If anything this was my long awaited show of the season and it definitely will exceed my expectations.

Oh yeah, this song was playing for the first part of the episode.
You have no idea how pumped I was. 

My guns, they are ON.

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