Saturday, July 10, 2010

China Blog Post #8

Do you know how odd it is to be talking about bra size, and brands, and talking about chest growth and doing comparisons in public is? Especially in a crowded restaurant, where everyone’s seated like less than a meter away from everyone else. And if said people talk hella loud. D:

Soooooo embarrassing. L Chinese women, geezus. D:

Anyways, IM SO HAPPY.

:D I got about 10 or so art books for HELLA cheap. :D They’re so uber pretty. <3

Eep, short blog today, moving from hotel tomorrow.

Ps. I got a turtle!!!! :D

I have no idea what to feed it and how to take care of it though. D: Or whether it’s a male or female.

“What do I feed it?” -Me-

“Oh it eats meat, but you don’t have to feed it.” :D -Uncle-

L Poor turtle.

Side Note:

Man, policing in China is nuts. D:

If you drink, and you get pulled over you’re screwed in any country. But in china, my mom’s friend says if you get pulled over, just pretend to pull over and while they’re slowing speed up and run away. The police are apparently not supposed to chase down people who flee. D:

And if they get your license plate number, and find you the next day, just act like you don’t know what they’re talking about or that you forgot your license or something. D: What the heck kinda laws are these. D:

I haz a cough, D: COUGHCOUGHCOUGH DX Going to go nap, byes.

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