Tuesday, April 27, 2010

For shame~

Ok so, last night finally did an assassin run....
Yea it's sad that I haven't up till now, but I've always wanted to but just never got around to it.
And I must say it was .....a lot more easy than I thought it would be.
I'm almost disappointed.
10 Diamonds at the end quickly wiped clean my disappointment though. :D
Kinky stuff yea.
My party members found this in their lootbox at the end.
Wonder what it is?
No name no description, humbug.

In other news, there's quite a bit of newbies on our servers with one or two pieces of gear they're not quite not ready for.

How do I know they're not ready for it? Check this out~

God help us all?

Ps. Reminder to self, more unknown card farming.