Sunday, April 25, 2010

Late night funnies~

So I was heading home after my shift, very uneventful usually if I do say so myself, and I'm waiting for the next train to arrive and when it does this gaggle of teens or..what I assume to be teens step off the train.
So as I'm entering said train, I hear this.
Girly 1: Ewww, this isn't New West, where's the strippers~
Dude 1: -chuckles-
Girly 2: Well it's Metrotown, and you know what's at Metrotown.
Girly 1: 17 year old asian booooooooooys~
She literally squealed that line.....
I fear for the little asians boys. QQ
And now some other funnies from the past~
First up, some Eggnoggy times. /misses Eggnogg

I also miss Prinsken lots. /tears
He was the friend that invited me to Eos. <3

(We were talking about how Prinsy wasn't logging on as often anymore...if at all.)

Also these offers/auto-wins are kinda lawlzy.
Was too lazy to put them up before, but better late then never~

And this guy just makes me laugh.

Lol, ok I'll properly post later on, but for now my posts on here will be SS dumps. I have so many~


  1. "I fear for the little asians boys. QQ"

    No you don't, you never did. You want them ontop of eachother doing the completely wrong things!

    Eh wait... I'm a 17 year old asian bo-

    Oh fu-

    Good luck trying to pry me out of my room! NEET in training ftw!