Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ouroboros Thanatos - Prologue

Some time back I wrote some stuff for a light novel/visual novel I was planning to make. But I got too lazy and just decided to trash it. Well, here it is. I've also got the character descriptions as well as a part of the first chapter written which I may upload later.
The warm breeze wakes me up from my nap.

I must have fallen asleep while I was lying down in the sunny atmosphere.

— A small petal lands on my forehead. I gently lift my eyelids and sit up from my nest, rubbing away my hazy sensation.

"Are you awake?" The caring voice of the man asks as I turn to face him.

I stretch my arms towards the sky and let out a yawn to shake off the drowsiness.

Still waiting for my response the man faces me with a gentle smile. I nod in response to his question.

Sitting before me is a man whom I call "father". You might not believe me, but my father is actually a sorcerer. No, not exactly like a bearded man with a cone hat who fights off the forces of evil along with gallant knights. But I suppose that's what sorcerers probably did back in the medieval ages.

You'll probably think I'm lying when I say that my father is one of the best sorcerers ever, honest! My father is a sorcerer known as a sage, a position revered by many. If I'm not wrong, there are only five people in this world who are called sages.

The Fire Sage, Fotia.

The Air Sage, Aeras.

The Water Sage, Nero.

The Earth Sage, Choma.

The Aether Sage, Aitheras.

My father is the sage of the Aether element, Aitheras.

Sages are sorcerers who have achieved the pinnacle of magical knowledge. Upon becoming a Sage, they are spiritually intertwined with Gaia, the Earth. Through this bond, Sages are able to call forth the mana from the Earth itself, sorcerers call this form of mana "Gaia". Because sages are able to utilize Gaia, they are capable of using magic that no human can ever can achieve using mana.

The five Sages are the guardians of the Earth, through their union with Gaia they are able to maintain balance within the world itself. In ancient times, five deities were responsible for protecting the Earth. But through human ambition, these five deities were defeated. Left with no one to maintain the balance, Gaia became corrupt and chaos ensued. In order to atone for their past mistake, five sorcerers accepted the responsibilities of these deities and became known as Sages.

Well I suppose that’s the importance of a sage in the Order, but with my personal experience living with one, they don’t seem too different from a regular human being. As I think this to myself I feel a colossal hand fumbling through my hair.

— My train of thought suddenly halts as he smiles at me.

As a kid I’ve always thought that a smile could only be brought through pure intentions. Looking back at it now I sometimes wonder how foolish I was.

— A smile is a deceitful expression. A kind-hearted gesture meant to express the pure intentions of oneself. I was na├»ve to believe that the smile could be used true to its nature.

It was that exact night when the child was crushed by reality.

— I woke up abruptly to the sound of a woman’s scream.

The room was abnormally warmer than usual, contrary to the cool summer night. I lifted the covers and pushed them off to the side. My feet naturally slid into the fuzzy slippers.

Again, I heard the scream of a woman coming from outside my room, however, this time the scream was different. But it wasn’t just that, the scream was accompanied by shouts.

My chest felt heavy, something seemed to swell up in my lungs. Even to my childish mind I knew what this swelling was, it was fear.

Slowly I took small steps towards the door. A voice echoed in my mind with every step.

Turn away. Turn away. Turn away. Turn away. Turn away. Turn away. Turn away. Turn away. Turn away. Turn away. Turn away. Turn away. Turn away.


But it was too late, I reached out my hand towards the steel knob on the door.


The knob was on fire. The flesh on my pink hands would burn off if I were to hold it for more than a few second. But I know that if I don’t open this door, I will surely die.

Pulling my hands into the sleeve of my pajamas I use it as a means to separate the burning knob from my hand.

The door opened.

It was like a living hell, the entire mansion was dyed in an orange paint. Figures darted past me like their life depended on it. No, I was wrong, it didn’t seem like their life depended on it. Their life did depend on it.

All of a sudden every negative emotion I ever felt in my short life clouded my head.

I was scared.

As if a defense mechanism kicked in, I began to walk down the hall. I had completely lost control over my own body, but something kept me going. As if I was overlooking my body, every step felt so foreign.

The screams echoed through the hall, but I ignored them. I was not in control of my body; in my place was an instinct called ‘survival’.

The carpet that my shell walked on was hot. Even though I couldn’t feel my steps, I knew my feet were scorched.

— The grand hall.

I had finally reached the grand hall, just a few more steps and I would be able to escape this hell. Bodies were sprawled all over. At first glance you would think they were just victims of the fire. No, they weren’t simply burned to death, they were killed.

Decapitated bodies. Severed arms. Amputated legs. Slashed open stomachs. Cut open throats.

These now hollow shells were not the victims of this hell, but a killer. Some people, or someone turned this place into a living hell and went on a massacre.


As I walked down the main flight of stairs that was the only word that repeated in my head.


But it was too late, I had found the culprit.

In front of me is the man responsible for this slaughter. A man in black robes tainted by the blood of his victims. To his side was a noticeable blade, from the amount of blood covering it, the true colour of the steel was all but forgotten.

The man was slouched over a body covered in blood.


I didn’t want to recognize the corpse, but my mind worked against me. The slain body belonged to a woman whom I called “mother”.

Noticing me, the man turned his head towards me. I refused to believe it.

All reasoning escaped my body.

The mastermind behind the massacre.


Those words escaped my mouth. But I was wrong, before me was not the man I call “father”.

His eyes. Those bloodshot eyes of murderous intent, they were the eyes of a demon.

All of a sudden, as though my body has reached the absolute limited. I fell over and crashed into the ground.

My consciousness began to fade.

Footsteps, the footsteps of the man as he escaped the chaos. Drops of blood fell onto the carpet, leaving permanent marks of the living hell that night.

My consciousness faded away.


This is only the prologue to the project which I may or may not continue. Currently I am thinking of concepts for the story revolving around the "Kouen" character in the modern day. You know, the usual teenager realizes he's the recinarnation of some epic hero and has to ditch boring daily life to combat evils and stuffs. Hey, it was either this or said high schooler finds himself in the seat of a giant robot. But more on that when I actually get some ideas rolling.

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