Sunday, April 25, 2010

Dive into Dusk - Chapter 1 (Updated as of April 26, 2010)

So here is the prologue's rough draft on the light novel I said I was working on. The purpose of this is to set up the current protagonist, Yuu Hibiki, for the events that are about to happen.

Scrap the prologue thing, it got too long and it's now the first chapter.

Perhaps fate was toying with him that day. The thought never crossed his mind, not even once. He held all the cards from the very beginning; all he needed to do was act. With that, his mundane life devoid of purpose should’ve definitely changed for the better.



“I’m sorry, but that will be impossible. I hope you understand, but it will never work out, ever.”

- Time froze.


“---------------------. ---------------…. -----------?”


“I appreciate your honesty. But, if that is your true desire, please give up.”






Deep down he somehow knew it was a lie.

But it would be irrelevant anyways; the past can not be changed.


And with that it was over.


The boy realized something that no one ever told him.

If you truly desire for something, it will only lead to destruction.

- But he failed to realize something far greater.

Fate is a cruel conductor.

In the grand orchestra, the instrument known as Yuu Hibiki only needed to serve its role before being disposed of.


Why am I here?


How long has it been?

“Yo Hibiki!”

Why do I feel so… empty?

“Hey you know what you should do Yuu? Go over there and ask every girl except her.”


The screech of the table echoed across the cafeteria. The displacement of the chair slammed against the cold ground.






“Yuu stop! You’re killing him!”



Why… are my hands clenching his throat?


Why am I so nauseous? Blood fills my brain… I can’t… this feels…


I look around.


Why is everyone staring at me?

I look down below me. There lays a student gasping for breath. Who is he? I don’t even remember, all I know is that he looks familiar.

I must… escape.

Using the edge of the table as balance I lift my gravity bound body from the ground. Trudging towards the door I leave the cafeteria.


The sunlight assaulted my eyes, a nuisance. But I know I must go somewhere…

No… not somewhere. I must go nowhere, I must find a place void of people, of anything.

I don’t even know how long I walked, but I reach my limit and collapse, nowhere. Maybe at the bottom of a thing called “tree”, I don’t know, it doesn’t matter.

I just… need to…-

“Good morning.”


I didn’t even have time to think. My body spins around in response, naturally, without hesitation.

… a girl?

“Mmmm, are you ok? You don’t look so good.”

I must be… hallucinating. Before me is a girl slightly younger than me. Maybe she got lost… but.

“I’ve been waiting for you… Guardian.”


The girl blurted out a foreign word, as if it was a matter of course.

This is… definitely a hallucination. This is silly, simply hilarious, it’s as if someone ripped a page out of some shounen manga.

“I guess you can think of it like that… But I assure you, this is real.”


How did she…

“How? It’s simple really, your face, it’s telling me more than what you’re mumbling.”

… what… are you?

“That’s not the first question you should be asking. You see, no matter what I reveal myself to be, there is no way to make you believe me.”

Then… how?

She sighs.

“Within the grand scheme of the world, you are but just a pawn, Yuu Hibiki.”

Right now… what did she just?

She shakes her head.

“Currently your soul is broken… no how should I reword it…. shattered. It’s an unfortunate process, but it’s a requirement for you to fulfill your destiny.”

My destiny…?

She stares at me. That stare… a stare of endless longing, of endless despair. That stare, does not belong to that of a little girl.

“Your destiny… Yuu Hibiki… you were never meant to be. It’s unfortunate, but the destruction of your soul will signify the rebirth of something greater, surpassing more than you can ever be…”


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  1. I decided to splice part of the first chapter into the prologue. That way we can get the cliffhanger out of the way as the unknown girl does all the magibabble talk.

  2. Meh screw it, prologue got too long and it's the first chapter now. :|

  3. I shall put pink banners and unicorns hopping around on it, with flowers and rainbows and butterflies all around~

    It's not a bad start, a bit cliched but not a terrible read. I wouldn't mind reading more.
    It's a bit bare though, as if you're writing the script for a game scene. Summaries for those usually feel a bit...empty? or hollow as you read it because it looks more complete with pictures or the scenes taking place at the same time.

  4. Yeah, I guess I'm writing the script for a visual novel. But that'll never get accomplished! Where am I going to get character designs? Backgrounds? Music? Sound effects? Voice acting? Tiny talking oranges?!

  5. ......There should never be a need for tiny talking oranges. D:<

  6. It's okay to be in denial Mittens.
    *Pat pat*