Sunday, April 25, 2010

Yay! Eos Blog~

I guess I should introduce myself first.
I'm Michi(ruSenko) from AGE forums and Miri(yara) from Clan Eos. I've been playing MT for awhile now, think I first signed up around....Feb? 2009. I've (hopefully) come a long way from being the noob I was. I didn't join Eos till drama hit the fan for me in my first clan (Eggnogg) around July 2009 and that's about when I realized how much I didn't know about the game. (Hell I still don't know alot about the game, just bare basics.)
MT's a fun game, though lately it's either bad promotions, game-breaking updates, or just a insane increase of noobs, that's making it alot more dramaful than usual.

Now enough about my MT life story, and more on my real life story.
I'll be heading over to China (yay vacation) for 2 months to visit relatives, and although it pains me (more than it should really) I'll have to drop MT for those 2 months, or at least 1 month till I find a stable net connection to play on.

As for anime, I saw Heroic Age a little while ago and it's so cuuuuuuuute~ (Don't ask, I have a really really REALLY odd sense of cute.) Main boy character is adorable! He's like a little kid. Makes me wanna cuddle him and I like my personal space thanks. (GTFA YEAH!?) It made me slightly annoyed at the beginning when they showed his transformation sequence every single battle, also made me think of sailormoon transformations. Every single battle pl0x, it's not like I've seen it millions of time already. Thankfully they stopped after a bit....or I completely zoned it out. I honestly don't know.

I'm also playing FF13 right now (just a little bit) and I must say that I'm fairly disappointed with how boring it is. The graphics are beautiful as usual (gorgeous even) there are only 13 chapters? in the game, and the first 10 being linear only, I'm fairly certain the last 3 won't hold enough to keep my attention. FYI, looking at the characters from an outsiders point of view shows that all the characters are whiny lil'emos.

I have a ton of things to catch up on (anime, games, life in general) but I'll leave that for later.
For now, off to work~ <3

Ps. I'm addicted to Tribal Wars the browser game. <3>
I'm on world 38^^ And just made almost 90% of the villages in within my area my enemy.
I'm so pro.



    Just finished Reideen (2007) yesterday so I should atleast post some crap review about it soon.

  2. My god Kouen, I'm going to beat you with a stick.

  3. I call child abuse on you, infinitely old pedo fruit! RAISIN!