Saturday, May 1, 2010

Rush and Boooooooooooooooooooooom~

So SetMin sent me a clip of his pet project test today.
I think he's the only person on server that's trying to do max damage to himself. Win?
Definitely lawlzy, if only to hear him plan it all out.
(Calculations on how high his weakness to fire will go/What stones he needs etc.)
Goal: To do 9999 damage to himself.
And here's today's test: (Missing Naga crystal)

Enjoyed watching Set die. <3

JK <3

He did 9112 to himself.
-stealth edit-
So just before he logged, I gave him a Naga crystal and went down to docks with him (to pulse him) for another test, and Bam! 9999 Damage. Gratz Set! :D
Goal Achieved.
Proof's in his post "", and I gotta say MT's got smooth dying. He looks so pro. Slow motion falling on his face, ftw.
Wonder what his next pet project will be~

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