Thursday, May 6, 2010

Close but no dice....yet~

Waaaaaaaa~ My departure date is arriving at full speed and I'm still not done my lvling. QQ
Kouen you jerk, where's my uber plvling! D:<

Kinda nervous (I'm always nervous before trips. :<) and already I'm starting to miss you guys. :< (this includes RO's ragtag group, "ilu HMM D:")
I hope the books I bring will entertain me for long periods of time, all that travel time is immensely boring.
And someone remind me, before I log and leave for my flight, to hand out those items you guys wanted to borrow. (Better have my money when I get back from my trip. -shakes fist- <3)
I will try my best to blog during my trip but no guarenteees.
Hell, I'll try to log onto the game itself if I could, though I kinda doubt I'll have the time for any gaming for the first month. :)

PS. Hopefully my village in tribal wars won't die off. :<

-Stealth Edit-
Psh, I bet you haters won't even miss me. (Less than slash three) Jerkfaces.
(Had to type out my emote 'cuz this post is being ghey.)
You guys better be HELLA high lvled next time I see you all. (So I can leech off you guys.)
Don't laze! /smacks.


  1. *idlesfor3months*


  2. LVL!
    You all better be LIKE LEAPS AND BOUNDS ahead of me when I get back! D:<!

  3. We're leaps and bounds taller than you already! :D