Saturday, May 29, 2010

Anime North 2010

So today I wasted a whole day at Toronto's anime convention known as Anime North. Basically wasted a whole day walking around with my 2 bags of 4 Gundam model kits (killed my left arm), and a red oak bokken (killed my wrist). So below is a link to my photobucket containing the gallery of cosplay pictures. As fail as my adventure at AN is, the cosplaying there was spectacular for the most part. Most of the costumes looked great and it was interesting to walk around asking for pictures. Although I was kind of disappointed with the lack of Gundam, well non-SEED. I was only able to take a picture of 1 Quattro Bageena, I also saw a Char in the 0079 uniform but I was unable to get a picture before he disappeared, oh well.
Note: Due to the fact I was using a camera phone and my arms were shaky from holding stuff, some of the pictures range from clear, to blurry, to really blurry. Like that Lucario picture I took, was a shame, I should have taken another one, the blurriness doesn't do the cosplay justice at all.

Anime North 2010 Gallery

Another Note: Also kinda sucks how the Gundam modelling contest pictures I took were so blurry. :<

Extra Extra Note: So, I blew 130 dollars on 4 model kits and a wooden bokken. I'll post pictures of those model kits when I get around to building them. They include, Unicorn [Destroy Mode], 00 Seven Sword/G, Masurao, and Astraea Type F (All high grades). I know, JP is cheaper, but like I'll ever go there.

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  1. I'm considering attending one of these conventions in the near future...though I'm gonna have to rework my life a bit and probably continue working on that ODST suit