Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I quit MegaTen

I'm sure we all saw this coming when they mentioned the dungeon nerfs with the recent SI patch. The server is, excuse my use of foul language, royally fucked. At this point I don't think anyone cares as everyone has already quit or plan on quitting (or lolbanned by asking Aeria to care more). As boring as the game was, it was still fun being in clan Eos and I hope we can maintain this community even outside of the shipwreck. Although I quit I'm still going to log on every once in a while to idle or something, and if I have the macca (doubtful) play dress-up with my characters.

Of course, this blog will still be available and I encourage everyone to use it even more so now than before. It is, of course, a blog about us, not the game we played that is now in ruins. I also encourage you to let the rest of our clan members know about this blog so that we can still be a clan outside of MegaTen.

P.S.: All we asked for was for the loot to not get nerfed. But after seeing CAVE's absolute competence at repeating past mistakes and Aeria's ability to take it in the ass, it probably wouldn't save the game even if it was reverted. Customer service is mega cool when they throw you out the store for asking a question that would require any form of additional effort.