Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Welcome to the Universal Century, where people are born, raised... and die.

k so I just finished watching some low quality raw of Unicorn 3 (Although still pretty good quality for a 200mb file). I don't exactly understand the dialogue as it was a raw and I don't understand Moonspeak, but dang it was good. With this episode they hike up the casualty count by offing two side characters. But really if you watched these kind of anime before, you always know that character development is an instant death flag.

It was especially with this episode which made me realize that the Unicorn OVAs are just too short. Character A just gets his character development right before he dies, and well... he dies. Although I'd really like to know what philosophical crap he said which suddenly made him appear softer than his usual hard shelled self. If anything it was probably fleshing out exactly why he acts so tough regarding the Box.

I find myself liking Marida more and more. She's a tragic character who has been trapped in this crap ever since a previous Gundam series aired in 1987. Even though Audrey probably beats her to it as she was present all the way back in the original. Except Audrey had it lucky while Marida had it the worst. All that was expressed in... what 15 seconds? Come on I expected that story to be fleshed out!

tl;dr Unicorn needs to be longer just to flesh out the character development and background story. Just so it has a much bigger impact on the audience when the character is melted into thin air/space.

P.S. Fuck year 98% profile completion on SD Gundam G Generation World. Now that I've unlocked every unit in the factory, I can finally play. ._.

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