Tuesday, February 22, 2011

..you like boys?

So I ended up watching Utawarerumono a bit ago and I must say it was a good anime overall. There are some odd parts in the story plot but I think it does tie nicely enough together at the end of the series. It got major points from me for not having any slow/boring parts, and it's what I assume to be one of the few anime that keep up a constant pace throughout the whole series. Definitely an anime that I enjoyed.

I might do a review on it later but as of now I'll just say that I was pretty obsessed with it after I finished so I searched for videos and played the game too. It was my first visual novel game and I'm just wondering if all visual novel games hentai-ish?

Anyways, I just wanted to share this fact: Everything has yaoi, even het-games.

Witsuarunemitea bless you Eruruu. -heart-

Ps. Video clips I found: My personal favourites were the whole of video #1 and the reaction of Hakuoro during hide-and-go seek in video #2. Video #3 was still funny but I just don't like Touka.

Side Note: Oboro seems to get manipulated easily and is quite often the scapegoat. It happens quite often if I remember correctly. Poor kid. :)

Michi out. <3

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