Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Status: Dead girl walking.

So I've been terribly busy with...life.
Which sucks like firetruck atm.
(Kudos to those that got that reference, that song killed me.)

The biggest highlight of my life is that "SPN Season 6 is almost here!!!!!"
Totally watching for the plot. -cough-

Anyways, I've been volunteered....by my mom to babysit a friend's kid while his mother's off to HK. That's why I haven't been on at all lately. 'Cuz I'm living at his house mostly, and I can't lug around my compy. Sucks, I knoooooow~

Good advice to you people would be not to play games with dare cards.
Those are fricking scary.
The things you never thought you would do. DX

Anyways, I'm going to sleep now before I die at work tomorrow.
Nights <3


  1. You can stay at my dorm. But I'm home for the weekend so that defeats the whole purpose~