Friday, September 24, 2010

Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn: The Red Comet

So while I'm here I might as well drop off the 2nd Unicorn movie 2 trailer.

Dang, Banagher gets rejected by Audrey every time. Trailer proves that I'm going to hate Riddhe pretty damn quickly (blonde kid in the ReZel). On the bright side, more mecha porn with Unicorn, Sinanju, and maybe even Kshatriya. More character development for Marida which I'm very interested in, since I already got spoiled on her harsh past. As well I'm intrigued by her "elder sister" figure for Banagher in the series, which also has an added twist since she is enemies with Banagher depending on which faction he's helping.

I am loving Shuuichi Ikeda's voice for Full Frontal (A Char). For all of you who aren't enlightened by giant robots, the trailer actually displayed a few tidbit tributes. One of it is the Sinanju kicking the Unicorn, that's the signature move performed by Char Aznable known by fans as the Red Comet Kick. The second is the beam rifle sound for the Unicorn, exact same sound as RX-78-2's beam rifle.

Edit: Oh right, the 00 movie is currently in theatres. Yes I have already been spoiled to most of it already. One thing, crappy Jesus Yamato can step aside and go die in a corner, Gundam has a new god now.

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