Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Inability to blog properly 101.

I'm absolutely ridiculously bad at this. Things happen and I go "Omg! Imma blog about this later!" and something always ends up distracting me from actually blogging. I'm either studying, reading, eating, sleeping, working or just forget about it. And now that I have gotten to the blog itself, all my thoughts flew out the window and I totally don't even remember what I was going to blog about.

So since it's been awhile since I've actually posted I'm not even going to go through everything that's happened since then, it'd be waaay too long to even list all the tiny itty bitty things that goes on in my life. And if you actually want those details... Gtfo creepy stalker.

So some big things:
  • I applied for GS (again).
  • I got a bizillion commish orders in December, which I'm almost done with. (WOOHOOO!)
  • I'm getting a new computer. (WOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!)
  • SPN gets new episodes again come 28th. (DOUBLE WOOOHOOOO!!)
So first things first, GS again. Really good candidates this time. A few that could use more forum contribution, but ingame helpfulness is awesome too. I'm withholding most of my judgement this time because not only am I also part of the applicants but because I don't actually know some of these players. Which is sad but I'm sure we'll all become friends one day. :) (And stop wars while holding hands singing campfire songs. No really, I would love to.)

As for commissions, D; ONLY HATERS MAKE ME WORK MY BDAY MONTH! -NoLove- you all. No art till payment, too many people being jerks and not paying me after they order. -sadface-

New computer, nothing much to say here besides that I don't know ANYTHING about computers themselves. I had to have a friend design one for me, and repy (SetMin) checked it over for me, that's how much I suck. But I'm fairly confident it's a good enough piece now. Just hope my net won't be a bish.

That is all. :)

I'll try my best to blog more often, but I'm a boring person. Don't get your hopes up. -heart-

Reminder to self:
  • Look into possibilities of playing Orochi tag. :) Orphy is the best event brainstorming guy to bounce ideas off of ever~
  • Finish off "Guide to places to train when VB and others are full/inheritance places" with screens.
PS. I barely even know how to code on this blog too...


  1. I have no idea what just happened but I'm glad this place isn't quite void of life yet...or something...I forget where I was going with this ...I'm still debating if I should ask Kouen to join in on this thing as well but I doubt no one wants to hear me ramble about lame FPS games or myself and such :|